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The strongest woman I know is my mom, dealing with a epileptic 3 yr old wasn't the easiest task but she gave it her all.

What is epilepsy? A neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

I've battled with this my whole life, feeling ashamed and alone most of the time not sure who or where to turn because no one wants to witness the event of a seizure. There was a point where I had to learn to read, write and spell all over again because my seizures were all out of control and believe me that wasn't easy with two young children going to school and home work every evening that we both didn't understand, but I never gave up, this was a fight I was prepared to fight. My love for cooking and baking had to come to an end with the realisation that the kitchen environment wasn't the safest place any more, depression was all I knew at one time, because giving up on my dream of being a chef had become a reality. I needed a hobby and after a year or two of saying to my husband I would love to learn to make soap eventually started as a hobby, and from a hobby to a dream come true. I decided to combine my design skills and add that to my soap making and ladies and gentlemen that's where Azure Gourmet Skincare started. So with a husband with a strong background in design, a sister with great experience in business, my best friend to always give her support and honest advice, Azure Gourmet Skincare was born , ladies and gentlemen I give to you my story, my fight and tribute to epilepsy.

My name is Natalie Burnett and I am an epileptic .


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Adrian Burnett

Branding Guru par excellance.

Mr Burnett is a multi-award winning creative, with over 40 years experience in the printing, graphics, fashion, fine art, multi-media, photography, digital media and Creative Agency businesses and also heading his own Design Studio. Creating, developing as well as working with some of the world’s and regions leading brands has helped to fuel his passion and commitment to eminence.

Andrea Franklyn

Principal Owner of Diva The Salon and Island Cuts Beauty Salon in Barbados. Ms Franklyn is a certified cosmetologist for the past 19 years, specialising in precision cuts, colors, hair extensions, eyebrow waxing and other beauty services. Ms Franklyn is meticulous and perspicacious business woman and brings a wealth of business ownership and management knowledge to the team.

Natalie Burnett

Creator & Chief Soaper.

Mrs Burnett has been a food and beverage industry expert for the past 14 years, having worked at establishments such as Villa Nova Hotel, Asta Hotel and Yvonne’s Cakes. Mrs Burnett also played a key role in the development and the daily operations of the Carlton Supermarket Deli. In recent years she has turned her attention to the exciting world of soap making and has cleverly blended her culinary talent with that of botanicals to create the excellent range of products that are within the Azure line.

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