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Azure-X Soursop Collection

Azure-X Soursop


Enriched with premium ingredients, this collection is a harmonious blend of skincare expertise and culinary artistry,

USD $70.00 (Retail)

Azure-X Bajan Soursop BodyBar

Azure Gourmet Skincare's Soursop BodyBar - a delightful symphony of luxury and nourishment.

USD $7.50 (Retail)

Azure-X Bajan Soursop

Azure Gourmet Skincare's Soursop Joy Body Scrub, a delightful fusion of tropical freshness and luxurious skincare.

USD $15.00 (Retail)

Azure-X Soursop


A tantalizing symphony of tropical indulgence. Immerse yourself in the lush embrace of Soursop's fruity notes...

USD $15.00 (Retail)

Azure-X Bajan Soursop BodyLotion

A luxurious concoction that transcends ordinary skincare. Immerse yourself in this  symphony of nourishing ingredients.

USD $17.50 (Retail)

Azure-X Bajan Soursop

A delightful symphony of luxury and nourishment. Infused with the essence of tropical soursop, this luscious body lotion, invites you to indulge...

USD $20.00 (Retail)

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